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It is basically economic policies created by the current Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe. Its based upon 3 arrows i.e. fiscal stimulus, structural reforms, and monetary easing. In the hope of pulling Japan out from its decades-long deflationary slumps.

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Vieillissement de la population, est un autre problème pour le Japon, la population active a été contractée de 6 % au cours des dernières décennies, Abe prévoit d'encourager la participation accrue ...

Domain: Economy; Branża/dziedzina: Economics

Aldrende befolkning, er et annet problem for Japan, yrkesaktive befolkningen er ansatt ved 6% i de siste tiårene, Abe planer å oppmuntre til større kvinnelige deltakelse i arbeidsstyrken. Også Abe ...

Domain: Economy; Branża/dziedzina: Economics

Aging population, is another problem for Japan, working population has been contracted by 6% in the past decades, Abe plans to encourage greater female participation in the workforce. Also, Abe ...

Domain: Economy; Branża/dziedzina: Economics

Abe ordered stimulus package, worth around 10 billion Yen, which will go towards infrastructure projects. Also Abe claimed that he would increase consumption tax by April 2014 to 8% and from 8% to ...

Domain: Economy; Branża/dziedzina: Economics

In order to stimulate the economy, by purchasing assets (attempt to increase Yen value against US dollar). In order to increase the inflation rate, Abe attempt to increase the value of Yen by ...

Domain: Economy; Branża/dziedzina: Economics

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