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loadwords in English that have been borrowed from Chinese language or dialiects

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Chinglish (kinų-anglų, 给力) žodis, reiškia "turėti galimybę žavėtis, padaryti ką nors jausti linksmas." " ge- " Kiniškai reiškia duoti; " li- "-tai galia, jėga ar energija. Pavyzdys: "Wow, Kinija ...

Domain: Language; Branża/dziedzina: Internet memes

Una parola Chinglish (cinese-inglese; 给力), che significa "essere in grado di emozionare, qualcuno fanno sentire allegro". " ge- " in cinese significa dare; " li- " significa potenza, forza o energia. ...

Domain: Language; Branża/dziedzina: Internet memes

Beseda Chinglish (kitajski-angleški; 给力), kar pomeni, »lahko vznemirja, bi nekdo počutijo veselo. « ge- "v kitajščini pomeni dati; " li- " pomeni moč, moč ali energije. Primer: "Wow, Kitajska ...

Domain: Language; Branża/dziedzina: Internet memes

Słowo Chinglish (chiński-angielski; 给力), co oznacza "być może podniecać, aby ktoś czuje wesoły." " ge- " w języku chińskim oznacza dać; " li- " oznacza moc, siła lub energii. Przykład: "Wow, Chiny ...

Domain: Language; Branża/dziedzina: Internet memes

Shanghai (海上) is a verb meaning to kidnap, and is usually used with nautical connotations as Shanghai itself is a port town.

Domain: Culture; Branża/dziedzina: General culture

Kowtow is a verb which describes a subserviant bow, with one's forehead to the floor, which is presented to someone of a higher rank to yourself. The word was coined in English when a British ...

Domain: Culture; Branża/dziedzina: General culture

Gung ho is an adjective describing an overly energetic trait. This can be applied to a person in general or an action by an individual or group.

Domain: Culture; Branża/dziedzina: General culture

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