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Medical terms related to inmunodeficiency and pathophysiology

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Artemis deficiency is included in the most severe phenotype, T-B- SCID and it is inherited as an autosomal recessive trait. The disease is characterized by a profound deficiency of both T cell and B ...

Domain: Health care; Branża/dziedzina: Diseases

The zeta chain-associated protein kinase of 70 kD, ZAP-70, is involved in T cell receptor signaling and is critical for T cell differentiation and function. Deficiency of ZAP-70 causes a combined ...

Domain: Medical; Branża/dziedzina: Illness

Reticular dysgenesis is the most severe form of inborn SCID. It is characterized by absence of granulocytes and almost complete deficiency of lymphocytes in peripheral blood, hypoplasia of the thymus ...

Domain: Health care; Branża/dziedzina: Diseases

A common complication in allogenic bone marrow transplants and in some cases, it involves the oral mucosa. Therefore, the appropriate diagnosis and timely treatment is essential to prevent local ...

Domain: Health care; Branża/dziedzina: Diseases

Immunoglobulins are special concentrated antibody preparations which provide immediate short-term protection against disease for individuals who are at high risk of experiencing severe disease or of ...

Domain: Biology; Branża/dziedzina: Biochemistry

A small organ in your upper chest, under your breastbone. Before birth and during childhood, the thymus helps the body make a type of white blood cell. These cells help protect you from infections.

Domain: Biology; Branża/dziedzina: Anatomy

A disk-shaped structure, found in the blood of mammals and important for its role in blood coagulation; platelets, which are formed by detachment of part of the cytoplasm of a megakaryocyte, lack a ...

Domain: Biology; Branża/dziedzina: Biochemistry

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