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Is difficult to combine your social life with your way of live?

Sometimes is hard to attend to dinners, events...etc, where there is food involved. How do you deal with this situations?
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esb 01:56, 14 December 2011
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  • Rolemodel 22:22, 18 January 2012

    Finding nice restaurants with both meat and veggie food (other then beans and rice) is quite hard here in Medellín, Colombia. That's why I feel a bit aggrieved at eating in restaurants here.

  • cristina.allyce 16:17, 16 December 2011

    If you're strictly vegetarian, why not take the reins and do some research ahead of time so you can find a place to eat that has both veg and non-veg dishes? Assuming you're going to eat with friends, you should have a sense of what they like to eat. If all else fails, just meet up for drinks and apps. Most restaurants/bars have vegetarian appetizers - like quesadillas, spinach/artichoke dip, etc - and you can always ask the chef to customize your order. Unless they're microwaving pre-cooked food, the chef should have no problem (and be used to) fielding dietary requests.

  • Nexus 09:33, 15 December 2011

    As a non-vegetarian, I often wondered if vegetarians think they are perceived as an annoyance at meals - and I wanted to say, they're not! I find it a good excuse to just have vegetarian dishes at a restaurant when vegetarian friends come along.

  • esb 02:02, 14 December 2011

    Sometimes is enough with telling in advance that you are vegetarian, but in most cases, you go to places where you don't make a reservation, so you have to try (and be lucky) to find something vegetarian in the menu. Of course if they want to order to share, you can't, so definitely going out to eat without vegetarian friends is a pain.