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Hidden edge, self-cultivation, to be the first to be made, "keeping a low profile" is a low-key man's behavior pattern. Low-key man in order to facilitate calm observation, careful thinking, and then ...

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To see the worldly fame and fortune in order to clear their aspirations; peace of mind and body calm, in order to achieve lofty ideals.

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Rhetoric, a pleasing face, such people are few benevolent.

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If there is a person who is interested in everything, this means that people who aspire to work will surely succeed. Tell us that in life we must go to work hard, to struggle, perseverance in the ...

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1. Just: just asylum 2. Yi: bold and perseverance 3. Wood: a simple temperament 4. Ne: slow speech. Na, Transliteration translation: Confucius said: just people, upright; fruit of the people, ...

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Family harmony can do anything to thrive.

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This means that the tiger left the mountains, fell to the ground trapped, the dog can bully the tiger. Metaphor powerful or powerful have lost their own power or advantage.

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