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Delicious foods from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Somalia, Rwanda, and/or Burundi.

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传统的索马里菜,cambuulo 是由豆类整个煮熟。这些豆子与玉米混合,煮熟。

Domain: Food (other); Branża/dziedzina: International dishes

Biryani yra aromatinių ryžių patiekalas dažnai patiekiami su vištiena. Mėsos ir ryžių yra parengti atskirai bet tarnavo kartu. Šis patiekalas paprastai yra tik ypatingomis progomis.

Domain: Food (other); Branża/dziedzina: International dishes

Biryani è un piatto di riso aromatico, spesso servito con pollo. Il riso e la carne sono preparati separatamente ma serviti insieme. Questo piatto è solitamente riservato per occasioni speciali.

Domain: Food (other); Branża/dziedzina: International dishes

Biryani je aromatické ryžový pokrm často slúžil s kuracím mäsom. Ryža a mäso sú pripravené samostatne ale podáva spoločne. Toto jedlo je zvyčajne vyhradené pre špeciálne ...

Domain: Food (other); Branża/dziedzina: International dishes

Biryani is an aromatic rice dish often served with chicken. The rice and meat are prepared separately but served together. This dish is usually reserved for special occasions.

Domain: Food (other); Branża/dziedzina: International dishes

Bhajia is a spicy dish of fried potatoes. It is seasoned with chili peppers and coriander, making a savory snack.

Domain: Food (other); Branża/dziedzina: International dishes

Sukuma wiki is a nutritious dish of kale, often paired with ugali. These greens, prepared with tomatoes, allow for a simple and healthy meal.

Domain: Food (other); Branża/dziedzina: International dishes

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